Ballarat the clear choice for Cumani

May 31, 2016

When Matt Cumani was deciding where to set up his stables, there was plenty of interest from New South Wales and Victoria.

But the rising star of the turf says the decision was easy - Ballarat was where he wanted to be.

The biggest step of that commitment was finalised on Friday when the Ballarat Turf Club announced the development of a new $1.25m training centre - which will be the home of Cumani Racing.

Cumani, who is the son of highly successful European trainer Luca and the brother of media personality Francesca, first toured the Ballarat training facilities with OTI Racing’s Terry Henderson four years ago and was immediately impressed.

While the bright lights of Sydney were hard to ignore, Cumani loved what Ballarat had to offer and figured if it’s good enough for Darren Weir, it is good enough for him.

“It was a clear choice for me, the choice of tracks - the uphill track and the more traditional Australian racetrack-style tracks,” Cumani said.

“The environment, the location - it’s close to a lot of other country tracks to Victoria and close to Melbourne.

“The atmosphere here, the other trainers - it’s just the perfect spot if you ask me.”

The facility will feature 40 boxes and is being paid for by the Ballarat Turf Club, along with $300,000 from the Victorian Government through the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

Cumani has committed to the training centre for five years, but hopes to be there much longer than that.

“It’s not my stable, it is Ballarat Turf Club’s and I’ll just be the first tenant, which is a huge honour and makes me very proud,” Cumani said.

“Hopefully I can do well - it’s a huge step between winning one race at Caulfield to actually making a proper success of it as a business.

“Hopefully if I can keep the winners coming in, it’ll keep rolling.”

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